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Popular Certification Bodies of online Casinos.

Gambling at a live casino or in an online casino is risky considering the money involved. As everyone knows the games are about chance and prediction. These are the two factors which intoxicate people to come back to gambling repeatedly. There wouldn’t be so much fun without these risks. It is thrilling to play risky games and risky casinos. But, the risk at the cost of affordability because it is your hard earned money that you are investing on the bets. So you should avoid playing at a place which is not safe and secure and is not able to offer a guarantee

For your money There are certifying bodies that test casinos for safety. Such a certificate will guarantee that an operator has passed the regulatory norms of the jurisdiction and has obtained a valid license from the authority concerned. The player is now sure of safety for money. Some of these rules are covered through paperwork which mentions identity and ownership, financial documents, practices of integrity and competence, criminal background etc. So a displayed license ensures you are the safe place to play the games.

Certification Bodies

There are a lot of organizations which are certifying bodies that do the technical testing and procedures for certification for various industries. This article reviews those bodies which are meant for the gambling industry. The ones that test systems and servers, random number generators and business of the online casinos.


VeriSign started operations in 1995, same as that when the online casinos started. Headquartered in Virginia, it has grown steadily in revenue and productivity of business every year and has surpassed the $1 billion revenue mark as early as in 2009. Currently,

it has 2000 employees working with VeriSign across the globe and the company is proud to be quoted over many stock markets. VeriSign is leading the security certification industry successfully since its formation and has acquired licenses to cryptographic patents that were previously held by RSA.

It has the mission ‘providing trust for the internet and electronic commerce through Digital Authentication Services and products’,which explains a lot about the company. Till date, Verisign has 3 million certificates including online gambling. It is the biggest organization for certification on the internet.


Thawtestarted operations in 1995, same as that when the online casinos started. Thawte was started in South Africa and is known as the first certifying organization outside the USA. Also, it was the first authority to recognize and secure international domain names. It has given more than 945000 SSL certificates and code signing certificates in more than 240 countries. These protect the identity and transaction of the users. Thwate’s clients include online casinos that are secure with sensitive credit and debit card data, personal information etc. Thwate ensures securing from identity theft and fraud. It controls more than 40% of the SSL market worldwide. From 2000 Thawte and Versign have together dominated the market. Thwate has enabled online casinos to operate over multi-lingual sites.

Gaming Associates

This is a company specific to theonline gambling industry. It documents regulatory norms and applies to online gambling machines. All those who are consultants of gaming associates are internationally

Accredited and renowned systems security professionals as per the standards of ISO, IEC and ANSI. Every consultant of gaming associate is an expert in the gambling industry

And can efficiently address technical queries of the customers.They are experienced and efficient experts in the online gambling industry and understand the norms of the jurisdiction perfectly.

These are the top three certifying bodies in the online gambling industry. Other certification bodies include

Technical Systems Testing (TST)

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)


These are also well known in the gambling industry. If you find certification from any of the above-mentioned certification bodies, then you should know that you are playing at the safest online casino. Without a valid certification from any of these bodies, an online casino is known to pose risks of not just money laundering but also other criminal activities which are punishable by law. Hence, it is important to look out for the above certification logos in the websites from where you are downloading the games.

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